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2012-05-30 21:43 -0300. Tags: comp, web, privacy, em-portugues

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From: Vítor De Araújo <µµµ@µµµ.com>
To: privacy@twitter.com
Subject: Questions about Do-Not-Track and protected tweets
Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 15:00:28 -0300


I have two points I'd like to question about Twitter's privacy policy.

  1. Recently Twitter announced that it now honors the Do-Not-Track header. I have also noticed that you have updated the privacy policy, but I don't see any mention of Do-Not-Track in the text. So, does the commitment to Do-Not-Track have any official value, i.e., is it something users can rely on as long as the current privacy policy is in effect, and if so, what guarantees that?
  2. The policy does not directly say anything about protected tweets. May Twitter share protected tweets with third parties according to the current policy? Also, I noticed that the current policy states that information about who I follow and who follows me can be shared, something the old policy didn't. May this information be shared even for protected accounts?

I left Twitter in late February when I came to know about the selling of the historical tweet database to DataSift. I liked Twitter a lot, and I would be more confortable using it if the policy gave explicit guarantees about protected posts and accounts not being shared.

Thanks for the attention!

Five days later...

From: phantasm <notifications-support@twitter.zendesk.com>
To: Vítor De Araújo <µµµ@µµµ.com>
Subject: #5352694 Twitter Support: update on "Questions about Do-Not-Track and protected tweets"
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 16:55:36 +0000

#5352694 Twitter Support: update on "Questions about Do-Not-Track and protected tweets"

phantasm, May 30 09:55 am (PDT):


Thanks for your inquiry. Our Privacy Policy at http://twitter.com/privacy describes the information that Twitter receives, the purposes for which it may be used, and the limited circumstances in which private personal information may be shared.


The Trust & Safety Team

I had hope.

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