LonDubhFork of the Blackbird Gtk theme, with darker colors Elmord3 years
amkThe AMK CYK parser Elmord13 months
blognirA simple blog system in PHP Elmord3 years
cgit-configscgit configuration and nginx setup Elmord13 months
dotfilesConfiguration files Elmord13 months
fazA didactical Portuguese-based functional programming language Elmord13 months
feniusThe Fenius programming language Elmord5 months
fenius-chezFenius programming language Elmord2 years
fenius-clThe Fenius programming language (Common Lisp edition) Elmord3 months
fenius-reportThe Revised⁰ Report on the Algorithmic Language Fenius Elmord11 months
greasemonkey-scriptsGreasemonkey scripts Elmord3 years
guile-elmord-utilsVarious utility functions for Guile Elmord3 years
hatterA hat-oriented esoteric programming language Elmord13 months
helHel is now Fenius; see instead Elmord2 years
hel-0.1Hel programming language v0.1 (obsolete version) Elmord3 years
hel-0.2Hel programming language v0.2 (obsolete version) Elmord3 years
hombre-cabronSimple Skype bot using SkPy Elmord3 years
lashlash: a shell with lambda Elmord3 years
litlavikAn extremely simple wiki in PHP Elmord3 years
lowsA Lisp-like language which compiles to PHP 5.2 Elmord3 years
mastodon-backup-tootsBackup Mastodon toots Elmord3 years
mlpAn Algol-like language with closures Elmord3 years
neanderSimulators for the Neander and Ahmes didactical architectures Elmord13 months
parenthetical-blognirA reimplementation of the Blognir blog system in Guile Scheme Elmord3 years
telegram-botSimple Telegram bot Elmord3 years
tyrTýr: a dependent type based code transformation for spatial memory safety in LL...Elmord13 months
various-utilsMiscellaneous shell utitilities Elmord3 years
vpnsetup-l2tpA script to set up an L2TP VPN client on Debian/Ubuntu systems Elmord2 years