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On the Twitter shitshow

2022-12-18 19:49 +0000. Tags: comp, web, in-english

The day after Elon Musk finalized the acquisition of Twitter, I decided to stop using it and move definitively to Mastodon. I thought things would go downhill at Twitter, but honestly, I did not think they would go downhill so fast. Since then:

The banning of journalists for talking about things Elon does not like, and blocking of Mastodon links, should be a clear enough sign that (1) Twitter is entirely under the whims of its new owner, and (2) the guy has whims aplenty. This is not anymore a situation of “I will stop using this service because it will likely become crap in the future”, it’s a situation of “I cannot use this service anymore because it’s crap already”. If they follow through with their new policy, my account there (which currently only exists to point to my Mastodon one, and to keep the username from being taken) will soon probably be suspended through no effort of my own.

All of this is quite disturbing considering the reliance of journalists on Twitter. Mastodon is a nice place if your goal is to find people with common interests and have conversations with them, but for journalists, I think the main value of Twitter is finding out news about what is happening in the world, through trending topics, global search, and things going viral, none of which are things Mastodon is designed to provide or encourage (on the contrary, Mastodon is in many ways designed to avoid such features). Therefore, I don’t see journalists migrating en masse to Mastodon. However, begging the billionaire to not expel them from his playground is not a sustainable course of action in the long run (and even in the short run, judging by the speed of things so far). I’m curious about how things will roll out on that front.

Given all that, I won’t be posting to Twitter anymore, not even to announce new blog posts as I used to do. You can follow this blog via RSS feed as always, or follow me on Mastodon at @elmord@functional.cafe. (Maybe one day I will add an option to subscribe by e-mail, but that will require setting up an e-mail server, and so far I have not found the will to do that. And yes, it’s been almost a year since I last posted anything here, but this blog is not quite dead.)

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The Real Chad Incarnate, 2023-01-27 18:10:26 +0000 #

Elon Musk is king! A real chad, that one! Anyone who manages to make billions out of pure nihilism and mishappened tweets pretending to be insider information has the right to as many whims as one goddamn wishes (ha!)!!!

CaptainReality, 2023-12-09 19:24:14 +0000 #

Almost a year later, and most advertisers have left Twitter, and as far as I can tell, journalists aren't linking tweets like they used to. The site now is known for bigoted extremism. It barely functions anymore, and if you don't have a login, doesn't function at all.

I'll be surprised if it's still running one year from now.

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