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The MLP programming language

MLP is a simple ALGOL-like programming language with closures which I designed and implemented for a Programming Language Models course back in 2011. This project provides a graphical interpreter for it.

MLP is implemented in Common Lisp, using the Ltk graphical toolkit. It is known to work with Ltk 0.91 (which is included in this project), and known NOT to work with Ltk 0.96.

How to run it

You will need: - A Common Lisp implementation. I recommend SBCL (you can install it with apt-get install sbcl on Debian and derivatives). - The Tk toolkit (apt-get install tk).

You can then run MLP with:

sbcl --script load.lisp

You can also generate a standalone executable with:

sbcl --script load.lisp --make-executable


I wrote this for a class back in 2011 and I'm actually a bit surprised that I can still run it at all. This project is thin on documentation (the only documentation it had was the class final report, in Portuguese). Maybe I'll add more information to the project wiki in the future.


Copyright © 2011, 2018 Vítor Bujés Ubatuba De Araújo

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