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An extremely simple wiki in PHP

Version 0.3, August 2014.

What is this?

Litlavík is about the simplest, crudest thing that can still be called a
wiki. I made it for my personal use to help me keep track of my Master's
research. You probably don't want to use it.


Litlavík is free software under the MIT/Expat license. See the file
LICENSE for details.

How to install

  1. Create a directory for the wiki;
  2. Unpack the zip inside it;
  3. Edit index.php (a very small file that just includes wiki.php
    and invokes the wiki) for configuration;
  4. It's done.

FAQ (Fairly Askable Questions)

How do I create an entry?

Make a {link} to it in an existing entry, follow it, and edit the new
entry. Or add ?id=name to the URL to go to the entry and edit it.

How do I delete an entry?

Just empty its contents and save it. This will remove the file. (A
backup will remain, though.)

Future plans

I plan to add a few more things in the future, such as a list of all
[done] and a convenient way of viewing saved backups and
recent changes, but not much more.

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